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For the past four years members of Dose have been partaking in Jake Parker's Inktober. We invite everyone in our agency to participate and try to create one ink drawing every day in October. Afterward we sell the art that was created to folks within the agency and then give the proceeds to charity. It has been a pretty fun and effective fund raiser.

I wish I could contribute like I used to in years past, but this year I only managed to post eight. Being a husband with two young kids just sucks up A LOT of free time. =(

Feel free to check out my scant collection on Instagram

p.s. if I've done so many drawings in years past then why is my Instagram so empty you may ask? Well...I don't know. Sometime last year my Instagram account just decided to completely disappear taking two really strong years of Inktober drawings with it and forcing me to start over.

Yay technology.


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